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Michael Bloom

Bloom has been creating content for television for almost 41 years and has worked on such projects as the 1981 documentary “This Is Elvis” and Marie Osmond’s first solo Christmas special. He's also written, directed and produced numerous television specials and music videos.

Charles Hedgepath

Hedgepath’s, A working musician for most of his life, break came through comedy, specifically the comedy of the legendary National Lampoon. Hedgepath struck a deal with Sirius XM satellite radio to broadcast episodes of “The Best of National Lampoon Radio Hour” and material from National Lampoon’s 10 studio albums across all eight of its comedy stations.

Michael Bloom and Hedgepath met on the set of “Your Carolina with Jack & Megan.” Hedgepath, a singer-songwriter who has been an integral part of the Upstate music scene for decades, was doing his podcast, “The Downtown Jam.” Bloom was there to accompany on guitar country singer Morgan Riley, a country singer Hedgepath knew.

Sometimes the best opportunities come when you least expect them. A series of events that led to the pair becoming partners in Solaris Entertainment and striking a deal to bring National Lampoon’s comedy to a new generation of listeners. Their company, Solaris Entertainment, secured worldwide distribution rights to National Lampoon’s content catalog. While the fateful meeting was just two years ago, the story begins in 1989, before the reality TV craze hit.

After the two met, Hedgepath started releasing his music on Solaris Entertainment. Because the two hit it off so well, Bloom made him a partner in the company.